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Cocktail at The Gin Commission

Now Open: The Gin Commission

Plus 5 reasons why we're loving gin

People who love gin, love it passionately. And people who don’t (yet), just need to try a sip at The Gin Commission – an intimate, gin-focused cocktail bar now open in the lower level of Quality Crab & Oyster Bah in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. Reservations can be made through Tock.

Make a reservation at The Gin Commission.

With a curated selection of more than 50 gins from around the world, The Gin Commission is sure to make a gin lover out of anyone.  In addition to the gin-focused cocktail menu curated by Beverage Director, Kevin Bratt, the bar also includes a menu of seafood-focused small bites and snacks from Quality Crab & Oyster Bah’s Executive Chef Donny Farrell.

View the food and drink menu at The Gin Commission.

Bar at The Gin CommissionWe got together with Kevin Bratt – industry veteran of Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab –  who heads up the beverage program at The Gin Commission, to ask him, “Why gin?”

Here are his top 5 reasons why he’s loving this spirit:

1. Gin’s refreshing

Cocktail at The Gin CommissionA Gin Tonic is like a walk through an evergreen forest on a crisp spring morning. If you think about how bright and vivacious a glass of Champagne can be, or how delicious a pint of Lager is on a hot day, the Gin Tonic is similar on all fronts.

To experience this first-hand, try The Gin Commission Signature Gin Tonic paired with American Sturgeon Caviar, it is perfection.

2. Gin’s always changing

Cocktail at The Gin CommissionThere is so much happening in the gin world that it’s virtually impossible to keep up. Until very recently, the leading category of gin had been London Dry (a gin known for its specific distillation style and dry profile). Now there are so many different styles of gin being produced, we’re officially in need of a governing body to identify and categorize them all.

For a taste of something new, try the White Negroni with Ungava Gin, or the Seasonal Gin Tonic with Ha’ Penny Rhubarb.

3. Gin’s good for you

Nordesino Cocktail at The Gin CommissionBelieve it or not, gin was originally crafted for medicinal purposes, and over the course of history has played a big part in the medical field. From fighting malaria to improving circulation, gin seems to be the solution for a wide variety of ailments. Julia Child has credited gin as the key to living a long and enjoyable life.

For a refreshingly light and enjoyable experience, give the Nordesiño cocktail a try.

4. Gin’s made of great ingredients

Cocktail at The Gin CommissionJuniper is the main ingredient that gives Gin its distinct character, but place of origin is also a very important component to the final flavor profile of each producer. A GI (Geographical Indication) is a legal classification and protected class for geographic origin and production, and a very important designation for many Gin producers around the globe.

The Signature Gin Martinis made with Plymouth Gin, offer earthy and subtle flavors which bode well to the cocktail and its representation of the region of England from where it originates.

5. Gin pairs well with food

Cocktail and food spread at The Gin CommissionGin, specifically Gin + Tonic is refreshingly light and crisp, similar to a glass of sparkling wine or light beer and is a perfect pairing for items from brackish water. The juniper focused flavors of Gin often partner very well with citrus flavors, or herbaceous qualities like: thyme, rosemary, mint or even chili peppers. Champagne and caviar is a well-known pairing, and the French 75 cocktail with the American Sturgeon Caviar is a home run. Oysters on the half shell with the Signature Plymouth Gin Martini combine all of the wonderful maritime notes from the oyster with bright citrus and slightly herbaceous qualities of the Plymouth Gin. The classic Negroni cocktail on its own is perfection, but when matched with cured salmon or the European Style Conserva it creates a great afternoon refresher.

Snack Platter and Gin Tonic at The GIn CommissionLocated down the stairs at Quality Crab & Oyster Bah, The Gin Commission is open on Friday and Saturday Nights from 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM. Make a reservation at The Gin Commission. Walk-ins are welcome. For more information, please visit and follow on Instagram and Facebook.

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