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Lettuce Entertain You Home page
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Hospitality at Your Service

Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc. is the largest privately held restaurant group in the United States and a distinctive leader in hospitality. Lettuce currently owns, licenses or manages 115 establishments nationally. Founded in June 1971 by Richard Melman and Jerry A. Orzoff with the opening of R.J. Grunts and today, thanks to the creativity of our partners, we proudly serve guests at more than 50 concepts ranging from fast casual to fine dining restaurants. Lettuce’s extensive network of brands and locations operate under the leadership of more than 80 equity partners as well as a team of experts across operations, culinary, design, events, marketing, technology, loyalty programming and more.

Who We Are

Lettuce Consulting began more than twenty-five years ago out of an earnest desire to help others in the restaurant industry. As the complexity of demands on the restaurant and the hospitality industry intensify, Lettuce Consulting continues to evolve. Encompassing a nimble team of industry experts with multidisciplinary skill sets, Lettuce Consulting seeks expansive partnerships with diverse clients and enterprises across the hospitality landscape. We are uniquely positioned to guide kindred companies through the process of concept innovation and development. Enhanced by time-tested strategies that simultaneously enrich organizational culture, our approach to concept creation is comprehensive, elevating the overall guest experience to new heights.

Our Mission

Hospitality at Your Service

Lettuce Consulting delivers Lettuce Entertain You’s signature style of hospitality beyond the walls of its restaurants and into the broader marketplace. When clients enlist the services of Lettuce Consulting, they are met with an unparalleled level of hospitality, tailored to meet the needs of their business.

We provide hospitality at your service to transform the guest experience. By crafting an exceptional guest experience through proven methods that enhance company culture and streamline operations, Lettuce Consulting facilitates the ultimate goal in business: loyal customers and repeat guests.

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Our Values

Culture of Caring | Innovation | Entrepreneurship

Rich Melman’s driving philosophies are what guide Lettuce Consulting’s approach to business. A Culture of Caring is an essential ingredient in everything we do, and the guest experience is at the heart of it all.

“Lettuce Entertain You started because of ideas. We are a group of entrepreneurs who work under one umbrella and it’s our Culture of Caring that bonds us. Caring about the food, service, our people and our guests.” - Rich Melman

Concept Innovation

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  • Spacial, Kitchen and Schematic Design
  • FF&E and Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Architect Selection
  • Existing Facility Assessment
  • Kitchen Equipment Analysis
  • Lease and Work Letter Review

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  • Visual Identity and Positioning
  • Naming
  • Logo Creation
  • Design Decks and Packages
  • Exterior Signage

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Menu & Product

  • Labor, Food Cost, and Product Mix
  • Analysis
  • Full Menu Development, Design and Implementation
  • Industry Trends
  • Chef and Mixologist Consultations

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Operations & Training

  • Profit and Loss Optimization
  • Operations and Manuals & Audits
  • Cost Control Techniques
  • Management Training
  • Employee Training (FOH & BOH)
  • Leadership and Executive Training
  • Staff Recruiting

Our Client Experience:
The Lettuce Table


Come to the Table

The initial point of connection, the start of conversation to learn the realities, challenges and ambitions for both new and existing businesses.


Explore the Table

Outline the scope of work, perform a detailed financial and organizational review to confirm consultant-client match to set all teams up for success.


Design the Table

Conduct a detailed, comprehensive assessment, establish a creative partnership and begin idea generation.


Set the table

Lettuce Consulting furnishes an official project proposal, and maps out the journey from ideation through execution and maintenance.


Serve the Table

The implementation phase, working together to translate ideas into reality.


Service the Table

Following up to follow through, ensuring client and guest satisfaction.

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It's important to change before you have to.

- Richard Melman

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