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Our Culture of Caring


You can only care for others if you take good care of yourself. We support your efforts to be physically and emotionally well.

Caring for Each Other

Our success depends on everyone working together as a team. We believe that asking for help is a sign of strength and we are always there for each other.

Caring for our Guests

We do whatever it takes to make every guest happy. We call it above and beyond.

The Answer Is Yes. The Question Is How.

Our commitment to caring for our guests comes from a love of food and beverage and a passion for guest service at every point of contact.

We train our talented teams to select, prepare and serve the highest quality products and to deliver the best possible total dining experience to our guests.


Benefits are an important part of where you choose to work. We provide a competitive rewards package that recognizes what you bring to Lettuce and what you contribute when you’re here. And we are always looking for new and better ways to help you care for yourself and for your family – because happy and healthy teams take better care of our guests and each other.

Although benefits eligibility varies based on things like position, hours worked, location and length of service, and all benefits are subject to change, some of the benefits you might expect are listed here. More details are available throughout the application and hiring process.


Lettuce Help You Fund

The Lettuce Help You Fund is one of the many ways our employees care for each other. Non-supervisory restaurant employees may donate as little as $1.00 per paycheck to help fellow employees in need. A committee of peers awards financial assistance to anonymous employees who are facing an eligible catastrophic financial hardship.

Some examples of past recipients include employees who neededhelp paying household bills due to unexpected illness, faced eviction or foreclosure, required airfare to attend the funeral of a loved one, and had to relocate their homes due to floods and fires. It's all about employees caring for employees.

Founder and owner of Lettuce Entertain You

Job Development & Advancement

"We are committed to the development of our people, which in turn leads to the success of our business.” - Richard Melman

Everyone at Lettuce is encouraged to develop and grow in their own way, and those with the desire, qualifications and drive find real opportunity for advancement. There’s proof: a lot of Lettuce leaders began their careers in entry-level positions in our restaurants. The secret to their success is no secret. It’s dedication to excellence, outstanding performance and consistently going above and beyond

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Our History

“Lettuce Entertain You started because of ideas. We are agroup of entrepreneurs who work under one umbrella and it’sour Culture of Caring that bonds us. Caring about thefood, service, our people and our guests.” - Richard Melman

Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants,one of the most influential restaurant organizations in the country, currently owns, licenses or manages more than more 60 brands and 130 restaurants in a dozen states including Illinois, Minnesota, Maryland, Nevada, Virginia, Washington D.C., Texas and Florida.

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Meet Our Team

Read full bio for NOE BUCIO


Lead Pastry Baker, Stella Barra Pizzeria & Summer House Santa Monica

Lettuce Family Since 1995

Noe was asked to be on the opening team of Stella Barra Pizzeria thanks to his love of all things bread. Whether he’s describing the delicate, difficult process of creating English Muffins, or he’s at home teaching his kids how to bake, it’s clear that bread is his passion. “I love to learn and I love to cook and I love to bake … and I get to do those things every day.” What’s surprised him the most about his job? That he would love bread so much. “It’s like …bread stole me away!”

Here’s more with Noe:

My first job was: Dishwasher at Corner Bakery. I would watch the people making the bread – I loved it! They eventually asked me to start as a baker and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What I like about being Lead Pastry Baker: I love coming up with new recipes and really enjoy that it’s a team effort. I get to show my ideas to Chef Francis, then we show them to the team … each one of us is important to the process.

My mentor: Chef Francis. He was my teacher, he gave me advice, he listened to my ideas. I wouldn’t be where I am without Chef Francis.

My favorite part of being on the team: Everyone works really well together. We are family; we do everything with dedication and focus and have a lot of fun while doing it.

What I’ve learned at Lettuce so far: Have respect not only for yourself, but for every person on your team, within the restaurant — and within life, really.

My advice: You have to focus on what you’re doing — and I mean really focus, 100% of the time. So focus, work hard, take advice, and really care about what you are doing.

My Lettuce experience in one word: Helpful!



General Manager, M Burger (Water Tower)

Lettuce Family Since 2014

Shaq’s is a classic Lettuce story, both in her career growth (from cashier to Manager in six months, then General Manager in about three years) and in the way she embodies the Culture of Caring. “I invest in each and every one of my employees. I always tell them I’m here to help you grow. You tell me, I’ll help you.” Shaq also believes that self-care – like her meditation practice — helps her take care of her guests, and of course, her team. “We’re a family. Everyone supports each other.”

Here’s more with Shaq:

What appeals to me most about the restaurant business: The growth of everyone around me, and satisfying the guest … making sure we’re the best we can be.

Here’s what I like about my role: I love helping other people grow. Also, I like challenges and there’s always a challenge when you’re managing.

What I’ve learned at Lettuce so far: Patience. Self-love. Confidence. And a better understanding of guest service and of the business.

My key mentors: Kevin Reynolds first hired me, and Matt Whittaker prepped me to become a manager. Randy Brandt is my biggest mentor — he helped build my confidence and believes in everything I do. He wants to see everyone grow.

This has surprised me: How everyone really cares. When you apply here, you get exactly what they’re offering … the development, the growth, feeling confident, everything. It’s an amazing company.

My advice: Never give up on your dreams. Even when things get a little rough, always keep pushing down and knocking down the doors that closed on you.

To me, our Culture of Caring means:In order to truly care, you have to care for yourself. You have to focus on you to focus on everyone else around you.

My Lettuce experience in one word: Amazing.

Read full bio for RAUL GUTIERREZ


LEYE Partner & Executive Chef, Big Bowl Division

Lettuce Family Since 1999

If you spend time with Chef Raul, three things become clear: his passion for food (“I love to make Mexican food with Asian flavors”); for his family, including his wife and grandkids; and for his job. After years of cooking, he’s still excited when guests enjoy their food. “It’s always a new reaction and new guests.” His advice for any aspiring cook? “If there is something you really love, go for it. If you work hard and are humble, you can achieve your goals.”

Here’s more with Raul:

My first job: Busboy at RJ Grunts! My dad worked there as a cook.

Here’s what I love about being on my team: We all work so well together to make the restaurant better. And I like teaching people who are determined to learn.

This might be surprising: How much actually happens behind the scenes for one dish, like our curries: they’re made from scratch, from the ginger to the lemon juice. It’s a three-hour recipe and one of my favorite processes.

I think the most interesting thing about me is: I’m friends with everyone. We are all on a team; I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine.

Key mentors: My dad was a great role model as a cook. When I moved to another LEYE restaurant and saw the chef — the respect he gave to his staff, and the respect he received in return — I knew that was exactly what I wanted to be!

To me, our Culture of Caring means: Caring about the staff, customers, and the food that you create – I wholeheartedly believe in it and try my absolute best to live it.

My Lettuce experience in one word: Exciting!

Read full bio for Marvin Brown

Marvin Brown

Prep Cook, RPM Italian

Lettuce Family Since 2010

“Family … everyone works together.” That’s how Marvin experiences the Culture of Caring at Lettuce. Although his first job was Recreation Leader with the Chicago Parks District, after joining the M Burger team, he’s been with Lettuce ever since. When Marvin isn’t preparing a simply staggering amount of food at RPM Italian, you may find him enjoying a walk in Chicago’s River North neighborhood or checking out the next Avengers movie (“Who doesn’t want to shoot lightning out of their hands?” Agreed!).

Here’s more with Marvin:

My favorite part of being on the team: The people – everyone is nice & easy to talk to. Chef Mitch is approachable and you can talk to him about any issue.

What people have learned from me: Hard work pays off. Everyone pays attention to your work. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, they’re paying attention.

Some of my goals are: Becoming a Sous Chef! Also, I want to get my first house by the age of 35.

Favorite foods to eat & cook: Spaghetti and meatballs and spicy King Crab. I like learning the different ways to prepare octopus and lobster. (Guilty pleasure: sweets! I was going to Hub 51 for the carrot cake.)

To relax, I like to: Watch movies or TV — although working two jobs doesn’t leave much free time. When I’m not working, I’ll eat at Bub City and Ramen-San.

My advice: It becomes easy in time. Eventually you develop your own technique in the kitchen, because what works well for someone else might not work well for you. Don’t be afraid to fail … learn from your mistakes.

My Lettuce experience in one word: Amazing!

Read full bio for Suzunne “Suzi” Raguso

Suzunne “Suzi” Raguso

Server, Antico Posto

Lettuce Family Since 1981

Suzunne, aka Suzi, describes herself as one of Lettuce’s biggest cheerleaders. Currently on the Antico Posto team (“…when I walked in, it felt like home”), she’s always appreciated the flexibility that allowed her time to take care of her family while she continued working. The surprising thing about being a server? How much she’s grown to love it. “I could retire, but I still look forward to coming to work. I love the people; management is caring and fair. It’s been a beautiful life with this company.”

Here’s more with Suzi:

The most interesting thing about me is: I am willing to try almost anything! And I love to dance. My husband and I used to win dance competitions doing the jive.

What appeals to me most about the restaurant business: Getting to see new dishes being created. (Fun fact: Antico Posto’s Chicken Raguso is named after Suzi!)

What I’ve learned at Lettuce so far: Organization is the key to making things work. If you like organization, then this is your place.

My advice: If you’re kind, caring and like to take care of people, this is a fabulous job. Lettuce will teach you the rest.

Some of my goals: Keep living my life and be happy. I’m passionate about my family: my husband of 50 years, children and five grandkids.

To me, our Culture of Caring means: We truly want to give the best service, food and care to our customers. The Lettuce way is to be caring and genuine.

My Lettuce experience in one word: Satisfying.

Read full bio for Jessica Ling

Jessica Ling

Assistant Controller, LEYE Corporate

Lettuce Family Since 2004

Jessica has been in Accounting since first joining Lettuce as a Corporate Intern, and she still responds to the energy of the restaurant industry. (“I’m an introvert, but I don’t do well in complete silence.”) She’s delighted that after 15 years she’s still learning things at work, and her skill with people as well as numbers shows in her managerial style. “I love when we get together to brainstorm. I want them to have a voice … that’s part of hospitality.”

Here’s more with Jessica:

What I’ve learned at Lettuce so far: The importance of clear and direct communication … to feel safe enough to ask questions.

What surprised me: How involved the accountants get to be with all parts of the restaurants.

To me, our Culture of Caring means: A commitment to engaging with and empowering your community every single day. I think fostering an environment around a Culture of Caring is a constant work in progress.

I’m passionate about: Music, art — any form of self-expression inspires me. I like people that disrupt the system … someone who’s questioning the status quo and makes you think about things you haven’t thought about before.

A key mentor: Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill. She taught me how to stand up for myself (and others) and how important it is for womxn to take up space.

What people have learned from me: Hopefully an Excel trick or two! And that it’s okay to be yourself and not the typical version of whatever you do.

My Lettuce experience in one word: Energetic.

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