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Omakase Room Nigiri

The Omakase Room at Sushi-san

The Omakase Room at Sushi-san is a new ten-seat, 18-course omakase experience in Chicago led by Master Sushi Chef Kaze Chan. The restaurant showcases inventive Japanese cuisine in a convivial and intimate setting. From the design of the space and playlist, to the interactions between our master chefs and each guest, our intention is to break down the formality that usually accompanies the omakase style of dining. Our menu and service pay homage to the spirit of Japanese omakase without being bound by its tradition.

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The Omakase Room at Sushi-San

otoro tartare and caviar


Thursday - Saturday: 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Please Note: Holiday Hours May Differ

Events at The Omakase Room at Sushi-San

otoro tartare and caviar


June 9

Join us on June 9 at The Omakase Room for an exclusive dinner featuring iconic, premium [...]

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