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Binge-Worthy TV + Takeout

Carryout and chill

It’s winter, when sometimes the only plans you can even think about making are to curl up on a couch for a good old-fashioned TV marathon. We’re here to help with our Lettuce guide to the most binge-worthy TV and takeout pairings! So queue up your favorite streaming channel, have these meals delivered to your door, and get ready to binge – literally and figuratively. 

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Lessons in Chemistry + Beatrix

Beatrix SpreadElizabeth Zott would most certainly approve of Beatrix‘s healthy-meets-delicious menu and freshly baked cookies and pastries made using only the finest ingredients. She’d also fit right into the restaurant’s mid-century mod vibes and gleaming stainless steel kitchens, where making Supper at Six is always a breeze.

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Anything on Bravo + Summer House

Pasta, salad, cookies, pizza and more dishes at Summer House

Fact: Bravo lovers will find their happy place at Summer House. The West Coast-inspired, seasonal menu will make you feel like it’s summer all year round, so open a bottle of rosé and spend a night (or five) in with the Real Housewives of [Insert City of Choice Here], Below Deck Mediterranean, or any other reality TV guilty pleasure over Summer House’s salads, sandwiches, pizzas and more (don’t forget the cookies!). 

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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters + Sushi-san

Sake san toast at Sushi-sanThere’s no better way to watch Godzilla and his fellow titans battle for survival than with a monster order of sushi, maki and sizzling rice from Sushi-san. We recommend adding on a bottle of Sake-san for a toast to the cryptozoologists fighting to protect mankind from legendary beasts in this binge-worthy Apple+ series starring Kurt Russell and son Wyatt Russell as the same character in different eras. 

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All The Light We Cannot See + Shaw’s Crab House

Oysters on a platter at Shaw'sBinge this life-affirming HBO Max limited series set during World War II, in which blind French teenager Marie-Laure relies on the freshest of oysters for sustenance – and an oyster knife for defense. Pick up a batch of pre-shucked oysters from Shaw’s Crab House to watch her and German soldier Werner persevere through the devastation of occupied France.

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Mix up Shaw’s Mignonette Martini for an extra-savory spin on the classic cocktail. 

Fargo + Wildfire / Twin City Grill

Wildfire Turkey Burger and friesYou betcha, there’s nothing more classically Midwestern than a hearty burger with fries. With five seasons of Fargo available (not to mention the iconic movie starring Frances McDormand) on Hulu, you can tuck into Wildfire‘s Turkey Burger with white cheddar, roasted red onions, mustard and mayonnaise, or Twin City Grill‘s Old Fashioned Burger while watching as a quirky cast of Midwestern characters get caught up in wacky murder investigations that will keep you guessing until the end.

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Yellowstone + L. Woods Tap & Pine Lodge

L. Woods Baby Back RibsThe entire Dutton family would feel right at home tucking into a big slab of L. Woods Tap & Pine Lodge‘s Beef Ribs – or any of the hearty all-American fare from the rustic restaurant’s menu of BBQ, steaks, chops, salads and more. You can just imagine them all wheeling and dealing over whiskey in Frank’s Tap. Stream all five seasons of this ranch drama with some takeout from Back of the Woods.

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Get the recipe for L. Woods Cherry Old Fashioned, perfect for sipping fireside. 

The Gilded Age + Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab

Joe's Seafood Chopped SaladWatch Bertha Russell, Agnes Van Rhijn and Brooke Astor entertain and scheme their way to the top of 1880s New York City society over an indulgent meal from Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab, which Mrs. Russell would undoubtedly see fit to serve at her next post-opera dinner party. 

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Succession + RPM Steak

The Duke Ribeye at RPM SteakThe entire jet-setting Roy clan would undoubtedly be regulars at RPM Restaurants. Watch Kendall, Roman, Shiv, et al, jockey for the keys to the kingdom across the award-winning Succession‘s celebrated four seasons on HBO Max. The perfect pairing? Cuts from RPM Steak like The Duke, a 10-ounce ribeye filet that Logan Roy would devour faster than his children could say hostile takeover.

Order carryout or delivery from RPM Steak.

Ted Lasso + Bub City

Bub City Chopped SandwichSoccer coach and native southerner Ted Lasso would feel right at home at Bub City! Laugh along with this sweetly funny, fresh take on a fish-out-of-water story, with three seasons available to enjoy on Apple+. Order in all-American favorites like Mac & Cheesy, 18-Hour Prime Brisket, Pulled Pork and Waffle Fries. There are no shortbread biscuits on the menu, but Skillet Cornbread with honey butter is just as yummy. 

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Make it at home: Bub City’s Mac & Cheesy.

The Sopranos + Osteria Via Stato

Osteria Family MealIf you’ve never watched this epic HBO mob drama, there are six seasons about Tony Soprano and his crew available on HBO Max. Order in from Italian favorite Osteria Via Stato for a spread of comforting meatballs, pizza and pasta that Carmela Soprano would appreciate, like Rigatoni with Slagel Farm pork ragù, parmesan and basil and Penne with spicy tomato cream sauce, all-natural chicken, fresh mozzarella. Then – bada bing! – get ready for an intense debate about the series finale.

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Get these shows into your streaming queue, load up your LettuceEats® app (you can order using the app), and enjoy!

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