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Wildfire Chopped Salad

Your Guide to Our Favorite Salads

These aren't your average salads

We’re here to help make eating healthier a little easier, with a guide to some of our favorite salads you can enjoy, from signatures like Wildfire’s Chopped Salad to newbies like the Italian Salad at Pizzeria Portofino, and more. Salads from Summer House

MEDITERRANEAN CHOPPED SALAD AT BEATRIX Mediterranean Salad at BeatrixOrder up the Mediterranean Chopped Salad with cherry tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, green beans, avocado, capers, parmesan and migas croutons. This salad is available for lunch and dinner at all Beatrix locations (River North, Loop, Fulton Market, Oak Brook and Streeterville).
Find the Beatrix nearest you and make a reservation or order online.


Mix and match your favorite greens, toppings, proteins and dressings to create the ultimate salad at the Beatrix Market Salad Bar! The DIY Salad Bar is available at Beatrix Market DePaul, Loop and Streeterville every Monday through Friday. You can now customize & order your salad online for carryout & delivery from Beatrix Market – DePaul Loop


digital chopped salad bar grunts
The Salad Bar at R.J. Grunts has been an iconic staple of the Lincoln Park restaurant for the last 50 years. In honor of the anniversary, the restaurant re-invented the salad bar with The Digital Chopped Salad Bar, starting at $16.95, plus tax is available for lunch and dinner for dine-in and carryout. With more than 35 ingredients to choose from, you can personalize your own salad to your tastes and come up with something new every single time.
Make a reservation at R.J. Grunts.
Order R.J. Grunts for carryout.


Salads from Rotisserie Ema
Between the greens & grains, rotisserie & bar, spreads and chef-composed salads (like the Israeli Salad and Charred Broccoli), there are endless ways to curate your own to-go lunch at Rotisserie Ēma Monday through Friday for lunch.
You can now order your own customized lunch from Rotisserie Ēma online for carryout and delivery.


THE CHOPPED SALAD AT WILDFIRE Chopped Salad at WildfireIt’s the salad that Wildfire is famous for, made with roasted chicken, avocado, tomatoes, corn, scallions, topped with blue cheese, bacon and tortilla chips, with a citrus lime vinaigrette that’s so outstanding, they sell it by the bottle. Order it up in two sizes; a small serves 2-3 people, while a large feeds 4-6 people. Or, take a party platter home that serves 8-10 people, to order call your Wildfire location of interest.
You better believe you can try this salad at any Wildfire location, order carryout or delivery or make a reservation at Wildfire.

You can now order Wildfire Chopped Salad Meal Kit from Fresh Midwest so you can make this iconic salad at home, order now online.


SPRING GREENS WITH ROASTED SUMAC CHICKEN SALAD FROM ĒMASumac Salad at EmaThis salad is made with sumac chicken, mixed greens, roasted artichokes, asparagus, farro and grilled flatbread and is available Monday – Friday for lunch.
Make a reservation at Ēma.
Order carryout or delivery from Ēma.


ARUGULA SALAD FROM OSTERIA VIA STATOArugula Salad from Osteria Via StatoThis salad features a peppery Arugula base, sweet Medjool dates, Applewood smoked bacon, shaved parmesan and housemade lemon vinaigrette. It makes for the perfect balance of savory, sweet and salty.
Order carryout or delivery from Osteria Via Stato. Make a reservation at Osteria Via Stato.


SPINACH AND AVOCADO SALAD FROM ANTICO POSTOSpinach and AVocado salad antico postoThis salad from Antico Posto is simple but filled with flavor. Made with spinach, avocado, shaved parmesan and lemon vinaigrette, it is the perfect starter for lunch or dinner.
Make a reservation at Antico Posto.  Order carryout or delivery from Antico Posto.


Shaw's seafood salad
If there ever was an iconic salad it is Shaw’s Seafood Salad. Piled high with the freshest seafood like king crab, shrimp, rock crab, lobster with hearts of palm, avocado, egg, cucumber, olives, tomato, scallions and topped with a Louis and Italian dressing.
Make a reservation at Shaw’s Crab House – Chicago. Order carryout or delivery from Shaw’s Crab House – Chicago.
Make a reservation at Shaw’s Crab House – Schaumburg. Order carryout or delivery from Shaw’s Crab House – Schaumburg.


SUMMER HOUSE COBB SALAD AT SUMMER HOUSE SANTA MONICA – CHICAGO & NORTH BETHESDASummer Houes CobbThe Wilshire Blvd. Cobb Salad is everything you ever could want in a chopped salad made with chicken breast, hard-cooked eggs, charred corn, cucumber, tomato, point Reyes blue cheese, crisp bacon, and homemade herb vinaigrette.
Make a reservation at Summer House Santa Monica – North BethesdaOrder carryout or delivery at Summer House Santa Monica – North Bethesda.

Make a reservation at Summer House Santa Monica – ChicagoOrder carryout or delivery at Summer House Santa Monica – Chicago.


SEAFOOD CHOPPED SALAD AT  JOE’S SEAFOOD, PRIME STEAK & STONE CRABSeafood Chopped at Joe'sThis salad is one of the most popular items on both the lunch and dinner menu at Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab. The Seafood Chopped Salad includes a lettuce mix, red and yellow bell pepper, cucumber, carrot, celery, hearts of palm, green beans, corn, edamame, radish and blanched asparagus tossed with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and creamy vinaigrette. It’s topped with a chilled seafood mix of jumbo shrimp cocktail, king crab meat and lobster tail meat then garnished with a lemon wedge, sliced avocado and a hard boiled egg.
Make a reservation at the Joe’s location nearest you.


BRUSSELS SPROUT SALAD AT HUB 51SAlad at Hub 51This salad has always been a favorite at Hub 51 and it’s available at lunch and dinner. The brussels sprouts are combined with medjool dates, almonds, lightly shaved manchego cheese and tossed in a mustard vinaigrette, which yields a nice balance of salty and sweet.
Make a reservation at Hub 51.
Order carryout or delivery from Hub 51.


GIULIANA’S ITALIAN SALAD AT RPM ITALIANGiulianasItalian SAlad at RPm Italian This salad is celebrity-partner Giuliana Rancic’s go-to salad at RPM! A blend of lettuces tossed with cherry tomatoes, roasted red and yellow peppers, pepperoncini, nicoise olives, shaved red onion, sharp provolone and parmesan cheeses, then dressed with red wine vinaigrette and topped with Genoa Salami and oregano.
Make a reservation at RPM Italian – Chicago.  Order carryout or delivery from RPM Italian -Chicago.

Make a reservation at RPM Italian – D.C. Order carryout or delivery from RPM Italian – D.C.

Make a reservation at RPM Italian – Las Vegas. 


KALE CAESAR SALAD AT SARANELLO’SKale Salad from SaranellosThis variation on a classic delivers both flavor and crunch. Made with crispy shallots, roasted garbanzo beans, Parmesan Reggiano and a mixture of baby and Tuscan kale.
Make a reservation at Saranello’s. Order carryout or delivery from Saranello’s.


VILLAGE SALAD AT ABA (AUSTIN & CHICAGO)Aba Village SaladThe Village Salad at Aba is one of the freshest dishes you can find. This classic, salad is served sans lettuce and made with some of the best ingredients including Mighty Vine cherry tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, red onion, feta, and Greek vinaigrette. It’s oh so simple, but oh so delicious.
Make a reservation at Aba- Chicago. Order carryout or delivery from Aba – Chicago
Make a reservation at Aba – Austin. Order carryout or delivery from Aba – Austin.

salad at Tallboy Taco on a trayThis Mexican-inspired salad can be enjoyed at Tallboy Taco for lunch and dinner and get this, it’s totally gluten free. A Great Little Salad includes greens, charred corn, cheddar, guacamole and citrus-tomatillo dressing. Add your choice of chicken, steak, pork al pastor or shrimp to pack this salad with protein.
CHOPPPED CHICKEN SALAD AT BIG BOWLChopped chicken salad from big bowl
This Asian-inspired salad is available at all Big Bowl locations and packed with sliced chicken, greens, edamame, peanuts, corn, cucumbers, scallions, crispy wontons, rice sticks and tossed with a tangy cilantro-lime dressing and peanut sauce.
Find a Big Bowl location nearest you and order carryout or delivery.
Available as a small or large salad, the classic Greek Salad from B Square Pizza is made with iceberg and romaine, farmstand tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, red onion, feta cheese and red wine vinaigrette and is the perfect pairing to the Detroit-style pizza.
Order carryout or delivery from B Square Pizza – Wheeling. 


L Woods Chopped SaladThe Chopped Salad at L. Woods is the perfect compliment for their famous beef ribs. The salad is packed with tomatoes, blue cheese, scallions, bacon, pasta with a mustard vinaigrette.

Make a reservation at L.Woods. Order carryout or delivery from L.Woods


Nothing says steakhouse better than a crisp wedge salad. The Iceberg Wedge at RPM Steak is made with Maytag blue cheese, crispy bacon, avocado and tomato, it’s not only delicious, but it’s also easy on the eyes.


Pizzeria Portofino Mediterranean Salad
This Mediterranean Salad is best enjoyed with river views! Pizzeria Portofino’s Mediterranean Salad with tomato, cucumber, feta, black olives and lipstick peppers.

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