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Bags of Beatrix Coffee Roasters Coffee

Switch Up Your Morning Cup of Joe With Beatrix Coffee Roasters

Try these housemade blends

Beatrix is here to make your morning cup of coffee even tastier! You can enjoy Medium, Dark, Espresso, Decaf and Specialty Roasts, including fair trade and organic options, at home with Beatrix’s own line of house coffees, Beatrix Coffee Roasters. Locally-roasted and packaged, Beatrix Coffee Roasters is bringing great tasting, quality coffee to your neighborhood.


Purchase coffee from Beatrix Coffee Roasters

Bags of Beatrix Coffee Roasters coffee and pastries

Beatrix is Chicago’s beloved neighborhood coffeehouse, and upon opening the first location in 2013, Beatrix established a culinary culture rooted in working with local vendors and purveyors, which also included partnering with several iconic local roasters.

The Pastry Counter at Beatrix Fulton MarketIn the Spring of 2020, the Beatrix team began to develop what they considered to be the perfect cup of coffee – a smooth, low acid brew that could be enjoyed black or with a splash of your favorite milk. They worked with a tasting committee of coffee lovers and local Chicago roaster to develop this first blend. From there, Beatrix Coffee Roasters was born, and is proud to now offer nationwide shipping of its house blends. For those looking to purchase in-store, Beatrix Coffee Roasters is now sold at all Beatrix and Beatrix Market locations (River North, Streeterville, Fulton Market, Loop and Oak Brook). Find the Beatrix location nearest you. 


Let’s meet the blends:

Bag of Beatrix Coffee Roasters Enlightened Coffee

Enlightened – The signature blend, some may even say it’s their perfect cup of coffee.

ROAST: Medium
TASTE: Milk chocolate, orange citrus
AROMA: Cocoa
ORIGIN: Honduras, Colombia

Half Caff – Half the caffeine, 100% of the taste.
ROAST: Medium
TASTE: Nutty, milk chocolate, orange citrus
AROMA: Chocolate, nutty
ORIGIN: Colombia, Brazil, Honduras

Bag of Beatrix Coffee Roasters Emboldened Blend

Emboldened – Full bodied and bold. It’s all in the name.

TASTE: Dried fig, ripe berries, bittersweet chocolate
AROMA: Cocoa
ORIGIN: Colombia, Brazil


Bag of Beatrix Coffee Roasters' Voyager espresso roast

Voyager – Smooth enough to enjoy as a shot, and strong enough to handle a splash of your favorite milk or dairy alternative.

ROAST: Medium-bold
TASTE: Dark Chocolate, almonds
AROMA: Nutty
ORIGIN: Brazil, Honduras

Bea’s Decaf Blend – A popular alternative for those looking to cut their caffeine intake

ROAST: Medium- bold
TASTE: Milk Chocolate, Granny Smith Apples, nutty
AROMA: Nutty
ORIGIN: Brazil

Two-pound bag of Beatrix Coffee Roasters Enlightened Blend

Once you’ve decided which coffee is your new morning go-to, you can select your bags and how you like it to be brewed. Roasts range from $16 per 12-oz. bag to $42 per 2-lb. bag, plus tax, and are available as whole bean or ground. Want to try a few blends out? Use code ‘BCRFIRST’ for $5 off your entire order, and enjoy FREE shipping for orders over $75! Click here to shop now.

Beatrix Coffee Roasters Gift Set

Would you like to treat a coffee lover in your life to a little pick-me-up? Beatrix Coffee Roasters offers a Gift Set including a trio of 8 oz. bags of Enlightened, Emboldened and Voyager roasts, which can be ordered whole bean or ground. You can also snag Beatrix-branded 18-oz. Yeti Rambler Hotshot Bottles ($32.95, plus tax and shipping) and 24-oz. Beatrix Cold To-Go Tumbler with lid and straw, perfect for sipping your iced brew on the move ($8.95, plus tax and shipping). Check out the Lettuce Gift Guide here for more gift ideas! 

Click here to explore and purchase coffee and gifts from Beatrix Coffee Roasters.

Interested in Beatrix Coffee Roasters wholesale opportunities in your own neighborhood, restaurant or business establishment? Reach out directly to the Beatrix Coffee Roasters Team to learn more.


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