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Randy Brand

Randy Brand

Vice President

Randy Brand is the Vice President of Osteria Via Stato, Tallboy Taco, M Burger and Big City Chicken.

Randy was born and raised in the hospitality business. Starting from a young age, he would spend his summers helping his parents operate their privately owned quaint resort in northern Minnesota.  What started out as a summer job, serving guests, created his lifelong passion for food, beverage and hospitality.  

Due to his love of hospitality, Randy decided to attend the University of Denver, graduating with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Throughout the next fifteen years, Randy worked in hotels and restaurants across the country gaining insight and experience from different cultures and styles of service.

While attending the National Restaurant Show, Randy was introduced to Lettuce Entertain You and decided to join the team, moving his family to Chicago in 1999. 
Working first at Nacional 27, Petterino’s, and Papagus, Randy then opened Osteria Via Stato in 2004, which led to Pizzeria Via Stato soon after. After two successful restaurant openings, Randy was made a Partner in 2004 and soon thereafter, a Managing Partner in 2005.  In 2009 he opened six M Burger’s  followed by Tallboy Taco and Big City Chicken in 2014. 

Joining the Lettuce Fly team in 2021, Randy now works with a consulting team that oversees food and beverage operations for two golf courses across the United States.  His knowledge of construction management, restaurant operations and leadership style have grown into a hybrid role within Lettuce.  He is currently the Vice President of Osteria Via Stato, Tallboy Taco, M Burger and Big City Chicken as well as oversees food and beverage operations for Dream Golf.

As a leader, Randy focuses on employee development, encouraging managers and hourly staff to grow, learn, develop, build relationships, communicate and lead. He also strives to enable his team to develop as individuals, “My job is to provide opportunities for people to grow. Nothing would please me more than to know that this team – this restaurant – has allowed people to provide for their family and themselves.”

In his spare time, Randy enjoys spending time with his wife, Heidi, and their three daughters, Ally, Caroline and Claire.

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