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Hub 51 chicken tenders

Best Cures for the Munchies

A guide to everything craveable and shareable

When the inevitable munchies hit, cure your cravings with something sweet, cheesy, or anything in-between! Here is a roundup of our favorite savory and sweet snacks.

Deep dish pizza from foodlife and beatrix market

Looking for pizza goodness? From Deep Dish at Beatrix Market to Roman-style at Osteria Via Stato, here’s our guide to our favorite pies.

Roman Style burger

Feeling something cheesy, but a regular ‘ole cheeseburger just isn’t going to cut it? Order your burger “Roman Style” from the M Burger secret menu and they’ll sub a grilled cheese sandwich for each bun. Problem solved! Order online from M Burger.

Beatrix's Kennebec FriesWant some fries to enjoy with that burger or eat on their own? The Beatrix Kennebec Fries with crispy lemons and chilis, served with a side of poached egg mayo, are sure to hit the spot! For more delicious fries, here’s our guide to where to eat the best fries at Lettuce restaurants near you.

Tallboy Taco corn fundito

If chips and dips are what you’re craving, Tallboy Taco has got you covered with GuacamoleQueso Blanco and charred Corn Fundito, all served with house-made tortilla chips, fried fresh daily.  Order Tallboy Taco for carryout or delivery here.

Garlic knots from Saranello'sFor small bites that are easy to eat, check out Saranello’s Garlic Knots with marinara! They also have pasta, pizzas and more. Order online from Saranello’s.

Make a reservation at Saranello’s.

Pizza Bao

Curb your munchie cravings with Pizza or Cheeseburger Bao from Wow Bao or go traditional with any of the signature Bao flavors like Teriyaki Chicken, BBQ Berkshire Pork, or a Chocolate Banana Bao for dessert! Order Wow Bao from the Chicagoland location nearest you. 

RJ Grunts Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Craving buffalo wings AND nachos? Go ahead and have both with R.J. Grunts’ Buffalo Chicken Nachos with two melted cheeses, lettuce, tomato and zesty ranch. Opened in 1971, R.J. Grunts exudes the funky, devil-may-care lifestyle of the 70s in its style, décor, music, and menu. You’ll feel right at home here. Order online from R.J. Grunts.

Make a reservation at R.J. Grunts.

Hub 51 NachosThe Famous Pulled Chicken Nachos from Hub 51 are famous for a reason, trust us. Order carryout or delivery from Hub 51.

Make a reservation at Hub 51.

Big Bowl Pot stickers

Potstickers from Big Bowl come in packs of 6, in vegetable, chicken or a combination of both! Served with ginger-soy dipping sauce, these potstickers have just the right sweet and savory flavor balance to satisfy any craving. Order from the Big Bowl nearest you or make a reservation. 

Bub City Chicken Wings

Bub City has smoked wings, ribs, brisket, fried pickles, chicken tenders, loaded tots, and every type of meat for the munchies you need! Order online from Bub City – Chicago. Order online from Bub City – Rosemont. 

Make a reservation at Bub City – Chicago. Make a reservation at Bub City – Rosemont. 

Summer House coookies

From oversized chocolate chip cookies to peanut butter cookies, the Bakery at Summer House Santa Monica – Chicago & North Bethesda can satiate any sweet tooth. Order something for dessert to finish your meal or grab one (or more!) treats to-go. We have your sugar craving covered! To place an order and arrange a time for pick-up or order online from Summer House Santa Monica – Chicago. Order online from Summer House Santa Monica – North Bethesda.

Make a reservation at Summer House – Chicago. Make a reservation at Summer House – North Bethesda.

Martha Melman's special occasion carrot cake from hub 51

Craving something sweet? From Hub 51’s carrot cake to Wildfire’s chocolate cake, we have your dessert needs covered! Learn more about our desserts for delivery.

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