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Chef ozzie and raul in the test kitchen

Lettuce Chefs Share Their Favorite Mexican Family Recipes

Exploring the rich tapestry of Latin heritage, one dish at a time

Lettuce is fortunate to have a diverse leadership team, including several individuals of Hispanic and Latino descent. A common truth we embrace is that food serves as a powerful unifying force, often taking center stage at annual festivals, parades, block parties, and backyard gatherings, where Hispanic family traditions are celebrated.

Lettuce Entertain You Chefs and Partners Yasmin Gutierrez, Raul Gutierrez and Osvaldo (Ozzie) Ocegueda, all of Mexican heritage, are no strangers to cooking up delicious meals for their families as well as our guests. These chefs are delighted to share their treasured family recipes that encapsulate the flavors and traditions of their upbringing, including Chef Raul’s Cochinita Pibil, Chef Ozzie’s Pork Tamales and Chef Yasmin’s Spicy Mexican Chocolate Cookies.

Cochinita Pibil

Cochinita PibilBig Bowl’s Executive Chef and Partner Raul Gutierrez generously shares his family’s treasured recipe for Cochinita Pibil, a Southern Mexican classic. This dish is traditionally prepared underground, a unique and time-honored method for slow-roasting pork. Chef Raul’s version has been passed down through generations and is a staple at family gatherings and celebrations. It’s a dish that embodies the essence of family, tradition and the rich flavors of Mexico.
Get Chef Raul’s Cochinita Pibil Recipe.
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Pork Tamales

Chef Ozzie with TamalesFor Chef and Partner Ozzie Ocegueda, large family gatherings are a cherished tradition. When it comes to Tamales, it’s a true family affair. Everyone pitches in to create their favorite variations, and then they gather around the pot to enjoy them piping hot. Tamales are small steamed cakes of masa (a dough made from corn flour), stuffed with a delectable filling such as pork, and wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves. They’re a labor of love that results in a mouthwatering tradition worth preserving.
Get Chef Ozzie’s Pork Tamales Recipe.
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Spicy Mexican Chocolate Cookies

Spicy Mexican Cookies at BeatrixBeatrix Partner and Executive Pastry Chef Yasmin Gutierrez brings a sweet twist to the occasion with her Spicy Mexican Chocolate Cookies with milk chocolate and cayenne. These delectable treats are a nod to her treasured childhood memories of sipping hot chocolate and champurrado infused with Abuelita, a traditional cinnamon-infused chocolate commonly used in home cooking in Mexico. To recreate those warm and comforting flavors, Yasmin introduces a dash of cayenne for a pleasantly spicy kick to milk chocolate and cinnamon, taking you on a journey with every bite.
Get Chef Yasmin’s Spicy Mexican Chocolate Cookies Recipe.
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